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Tesla Experience Program What is the Tesla Experience Program? In a nutshell, the Tesla Experience Program (TEP for short) is a way for a prospective Tesla owner to experience a Tesla for themselves in their own setting; at home, work, and play. Owning, driving and charging a Tesla is a different and new driving experience and not necessarily for everyone. Book an appointment today, and let our trained staff give you a Tesla Orientation so that you know all the features of the vehicle and how they work. Next, take the Tesla for the number of days that you book the orientation for. This will allow you the time to get to know the vehicle and ultimately make the final decision if a Tesla is a right fit for you or not. Finally, return the vehicle and the keys, and the orientation is done. No further obligation. We also offer a Tesla Orientation Review afterwards . This is not a requirement, but a way for you to ask any questions that you may have about a Tesla. If you decide that you are interesting in purchasing a Tes [...]
We are now accepting BitCoin

We always strive to keep up with the latest trends in the market, and ways to get vehicles into our customers hands even easier. With that in mind, we are happy to now be accepting BitCoin. With the growing popularity of BitCoin and crypto-currency, and with recent market highs, if you have BitCoin we can help you with a vehicle.

Contact our Sales Team today to find out what options we have for your BitCoin purchase. BitCoinTesla Model X What is BitCoin? Bitcoin is a type of cryptocurrency. There are no physical bitcoins, only balances kept on a public ledger that everyone ha [...]
Trade-In Value Request Thank you for taking the time to fill out our Trade-In Value request form. The more information you can provide about the vehicle, the more accurate that estimate will be. We have had the opportunity to deal with thousands of vehicles of all makes, models, years and values. Let us put our vehicle and market knowledge together to put a value on your used vehicle.

Choose Nott Autocorp's Smart Consignment to unlock the potential of your vehicle.

We have created a new, more effective Smart Consignment strategy to help unlock the hidden value in your vehicle faster and more effectively than any other program. Our extensive network of buyers and social media connections provide the ideal platform to show your vehicle to thousands of potential buyers. We consign ALL TYPES OF VEHICLES!

Gold Star Reputation

Since our inception we’ve been Canada’s Luxury Automotive Industry leader in nearly every category. We’ve built our distinguished reputation on hard-work, trust and reliability. While others over-promise and under-d [...]

#WhyNottStayHome SERVICE! EASY, FAST, SAFE! Our Sales Showroom is NOW OPEN without an appointment! Our Service Department is also OPEN!

We are still offering Pick-Up and Drop-Off Service within 10kms for $29.95 for those who still want to remain home. The vehicle must be safe for us to drive.

Some of the changes we are making to be able to continue to serve you: Shop Online With our NEW 360 virtual view online store and social platforms, it has never been easier to shop remotely! We ask that for any and all sales and service needs, you contact us online or over the phone prior to coming down to the dealership. 204-889-6688. Extreme Sanitation! We are going the extra mile with every vehicle to ensure complete sanitation and safety. This includes ongoing disinfection throughout the dealership, complete sanitation of every incoming and outgoing vehicle, thorough and regular disinfection of regular contact points, door handles and surfaces, and of course impeccable hygiene, [...]


Keeping our clients protected.

The health and safety of our customers, staff, family and friends is of the utmost importance to us. With the current outbreak of COVID-19, we understand that many members of our community are either restricted, or best-suited to, remain anxiety-free at home during this time. Which is why we have chose to put health and happiness ahead of profit.
We are a local family-owned business in our your community, We want to share the actions that our dealership is taking to insure your vehicle needs are as safe as possible during this time. We are here for you, and we are here to help!With our NEW 360 virtual view online store and social platforms, it has never been easier to shop remotely!
We ask that for any and all sales and service needs, you contact us online or over the phone prior to coming down to the dealership. 204-889-6688.Our sales team will happily deliver vehicles to your home for test drives and bring any necessary banking paperwork directly to you. We are here to accommodate! Need something picked up along the way? We’ve got you.Set up a facetime shopping experience with any of our team members by sending an email to [...]

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