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10 Reasons/benefits of consignment include…
  1. We advertise on 20 websites across north America.
  2. We have thousands of clients in our data base to call on!
  3. We are agents for all major banks and leasing companies so most importantly we can get our buyers quickly approved in order to get you your cash fast!
  4. Most people have a trade-in when buying a car and we like to take trades the public doesn’t!
  5. Many US contacts to leverage a strong US dollar on your car.
  6. We detail and recondition and certify your car in order to maximize its value!
  7. Take advantage of potential tax credit.
  8. If you owe money on your car?
    No worries we will pay out your loan or lease from proceeds of the sale!
  9. As a long time Certified trusted business we offer a hassle-free comfortable safe haven to potential buyers!
  10. We love what we do, and it shows in the results.

The answer to this depends on the market need for your vehicle. If the need for your type of vehicle is there, it can be sold very quickly. If the market is saturated with your type of vehicle, it will take longer to find a buyer. Typically it takes between 3 and 8 weeks to sell your vehicle.

The value of your vehicle changes based on a wide range of factors. Our professional salesmen are well versed in the art of negotiation and will put every effort to get the value you are looking for. We will bring all reasonable offers to you and make the decision from there.

If your vehicle isn’t generating any reasonable leads within a given period of time, we will go in and re-evaluate your vehicle. Market trends dictate what vehicles are in demand, and although your vehicle may not be generating interest now, there may be a buyer just around the corner. Let us maximize the chance that you will find that buyer.

Absolutely not. We take care of this for you. We have the vehicle professionally detailed to ensure that the maximum value can be gained. Also, we do a 160-point inspection of the vehicle in house, as well as have the vehicle safety inspected.

Vehicle Evaluation

Let us help you take the first step in finding your dream car, apply online for an auto loan in Winnipeg, Manitoba!
What's your vehicle worth?

We have had the opportunity to deal with thousands of vehicles of all makes, models, years and values. Let us put our vehicle and market knowledge together to put a value on your used vehicle.

We offer a consignment service that allows you to harness the power of our Professional Sales Team to sell your vehicle for you. Selling vehicles is difficult, and can have many pitfalls. Let is navigate the market for you, and get you the best value for your used vehicle fast and easy.


Larry Rich

The artist profile and pieces of Larry Rich.
Artist Biography of Larry Rich Larry Rich studied graphic design and life drawing at the WAG and the Winnipeg Sketch Club. He learned traditional methods on commercial job sites alongside craftspeople skilled in old world techniques. He produced mural art, learned the art of restoration and worked on large commercial projects employing crews of artists. These invaluable opportunities and street skills were used to develop a unique style of art. As a full time artist for over 20 years, he has produced thousands of pieces for a wide client base across North America. In the last 10 Larry has focused on building presence in local and national galleries.  He's been invited to participate in international group shows and he is Golden Paint representative and educator in Manitoba. His experiences have earned him the respect of local artists to have him work as an art juror.  He has has donated pieces to Canadian Cancer Society, Winnipeg Humane Society, and arts and cultural groups. Larry plays bass part time with his approach to music following the same lines as his art: expressive, creative and personal with an emphasis on space, energy, and vitality.  Larry has one dominant painting style and he enjoys painti [...]

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VIP Club Benefits

Let us help you take the first step in finding your dream car, apply online for an auto loan in Winnipeg, Manitoba!
whitetesla2VIP VIP members always get %10 off labor charges by our service department. Receive a $100 reloadable cash card when you directly refer us to a friend who purchases a vehicle. (Must notify us in advance of new clients contact info) Get %10 off total service fee when you consign your car with us. Seasonal Service. $99 Fully Synthetic oil change. Save $100 off any set of four new tires. FREE wheel alignment inspection on our 3D alignment machine. Any adjustments required are an extra cost.
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