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Join the electric revolution and step into th future in the all-electric Tesla.

Why lease or finance your used Tesla from the experts at Nott?

Tesla Winnipeg

  • We will take your trade in and you immediately save 12% tax (MB)
  • We can offer immediate flexible lease or finance terms to suite your needs.
  • As Manitoba’s Tesla and electric experts we have been servicing, selling and leasing Tesla product since 2014.
  • We are always here to help! We offer professional Consignment Remarketing for your Tesla down the road to insure you capture the retail value for your Tesla when it’s time to sell it? Resale Value is important!
  • We have hundreds of TESLA clients and history within our data base to respond to the Tesla demand.
  • We are the award winning local family owned dealership you can trust to look after you and your family’s needs.
  • We have electric chargers indoor and outdoor available to our Tesla and electric clientele.
  • We offer exclusive “electric” lease and finance rates and flexible terms.
  • We offer many after Tesla accessory products such as winter tires custom rims, 3M vinyl protection, ceramic pro coating, window tint, replacement insurances, etc

Questions about Leasing, Financing or Purchasing a New or Used Tesla? Contact us.

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