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Why lease or finance your used Tesla from the experts at Nott? Tesla Winnipeg We will take your trade in and you immediately save 12% tax (MB) We can offer immediate flexible lease or finance terms to suite your needs. As Manitoba's Tesla and electric experts we have been servicing, selling and leasing Tesla product since 2014. We are always here to help! We offer professional Consignment Remarketing for your Tesla down the road to insure you capture the retail value for your Tesla when it’s time to sell it? Resale Value is important! We have hundreds of TESLA clients and history within our data base to respond to the Tesla demand. We are the award winning local family owned dealership you can trust to look after you and your family’s needs. We have electric chargers indoor and outdoor available to our Tesla and electric clientele. We offer exclusive “electric” lease and finance rates and flexible terms. We offer many after Tesla accessory products [...]
NOTT 银行贷款计划

我们鼓励和支持留学生 和新移民贷款,通过率 99%.


Eason Jiang 电话 (204) 894—7297 邮箱 微信:jiang_d

NOTT 学生贷款计划


选车 购车 有效学签,工签 两到三个月的银行卡流水 首付定额比例 提车

现金购车只需持有驾照即可 所有款项支持支付宝 微信 本地银行本票支付


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Our Nott Professionals review some of our vehicle listings

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Consignment Q&A

Let us help you take the first step in finding your dream car, apply online for an auto loan in Winnipeg, Manitoba!
You have questions, we have answers. Nott Autocorp's consignment service offers many advantages over trying to sell your used vehicle yourself. We have compiled this Q&A to answer the most common questions we get about our Consignment Service.

Simply put, consignment is allowing someone sell something for you. You have probably heard of people sell antiques, and book by consignment. Nott Autocorp offers a consignment service to sell your used vehicle for you. There benefits of consigning your vehicle with Nott include getting top dollar for your used vehicle.

Your used vehicle is valuable. We use our years of experience with vehicle resale to find the best market and buyer for your vehicle…that translates into top dollar for you. We use our product and brand knowledge as well as coast-to-coast clientele to find the best buyer. Not only that, we also negotiate the deal, and transport the vehicle.

If you are looking to have your vehicle sold hassle free, then Nott Autocorp’s consignment is perfect for you. We take care of everything from negotiations to the final detail and delivery of the vehicle. You can sit back and relax while our professional team gets you top dollar for your used vehicle.

10 Reasons/benefits of consignment include…
  1. We advertise on 20 websites across north America.
  2. We have thousands of clients in our data base to call on!
  3. We are agents for all major banks and leasing companies so most importantly we can get our buyers quickly approved in order to get you your cash fast!
  4. Most people have a trade-in when buying a car and we like to take trades the public doesn’t!
  5. Many US contacts to leverage a strong US dollar on your car.
  6. We detail and recondition and certify your car in order to maximize its value!
  7. Take advantage of potential tax credit.
  8. If you owe money on your car?
    No worries we will pay out your loan or lease from proceeds of the sale!
  9. As a long time Certified trusted business we offer a hassle-free comfortable safe haven to potential buyers!
  10. We love what we do, and it shows in the results.
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