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sludgeDid you know your driving habits can affect how your engine oil performs? Short distances, such as city stop and go driving can cause condensation to form in an engine that doesn’t reach operating temperature. This can cause particles in the oil to become deposits in the engine, which can build up over time. These deposits restrict the flow of oil and can prevent it from doing its job well.

As part of your preventative maintenance schedule an engine flush can clear out these deposits to open narrow oil passages clogged by gunk that’s been floating around in the oil. Releasing these deposits and allowing oil to flow freely saves wear and tear on the engine and keeps parts moving as [...]

Your brakes are clearly a vital part of your vehicle’s safety. The wear and tear of both summer and winter driving in Winnipeg, Manitoba is hash on your brake system to say the least. Many vehicle manufacturers recommend changing your brake fluid about every 2 years or roughly every 48,000 km.

What does brake fluid do? Brake fluid transfers the force of your foot pushing the brake pedal to the brake calipers and brake pads. If the fluid that is transferring that force is not maintained properly, your braking power will be greatly reduced.

How do I know if the fluid is still good? The easy way to tell is by the color. If the fluid is clear, then chances are it is ok. If the fluid has a black or rust color to it, then a flush is recommended.

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